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Get On Board!

Every weekday on the Red Evenings I get you to come On Board, and make your shout outs, dedicate songs and basically just talk to me.

It’s a lot of fun! I must have spoken to hundreds of people by now, and it’s like we’re all one big family of awesome on the Red Evenings.

But now, getting On Board has an added meaning to it.

UNICEF recently launched it’s anti-child abuse campaign and appropriately enough, it is called Get On Board!

The goal of this is to get Malaysians On Board to pledge that child abuse is unacceptable, in whatever form it may come in.

Now, I don’t to attempt to be preachy, but I implore you to check out this website, pledge, and spread the word. Just 5 minutes of your time will do that trick.

And I guarantee you’ll learn something new as you make a step forward in the right direction for the future =).


ps Just in case you’re looking for the link again – is it! =)


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